We are an established, specialist global risk advisory company that helps companies and organisations to succeed in a volatile world. Through wisdom, insight, intelligence and technology, we help you to seize opportunities while remaining secure, compliant and resilient. It is incredibly disruptive when something strikes at the nervous system of an organisation. Employees, shareholders and stakeholders are all affected. Quick, sure-footed response and recovery are vital – whether it’s the suspicion of wrongdoing, a dispute, or an attack on your assets and people. As a global provider of corporate intelligence and due diligence services, we draw on our international network of in-country experts, trusted sources and analysts with decades of risk management, international relations, security, and intelligence experience to meet our clients at their point of need. We define the most appropriate strategy that will support each client’s unique requirements, while balancing financial objectives with risk management. This helps our clients to navigate clearly through opportunities within their respective markets. Our professional team of business advisors have diverse experience, and we match their highly specialised skills to the specific needs of our clients, distinguishing ourselves through unmatched professional success.