Does your company know everything it needs to know about current and future business relationships? PAS brings together an international network of professionals with decades of risk management, international relations, security, and intelligence experience in high-risk environments. We have extensive, hands-on risk management experience in most of Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, the USA and Eastern Europe. Every operating environment is unique, and risks can differ significantly even within the same country. We devise effective and relevant risk management strategies and standard operating procedures that are tailored for specific projects.


We also help clients understand the extent of political influence over business-critical developments.


Services offered:

  • Corporate and Individual Due Diligence at 4 levels of granularity

  • Business & Corporate Intelligence – including sector reports, competitor analysis, and market entry strategy

  • Asset tracing

  • Contingency and Crisis Management Planning – including audit of existing plans

  • Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Risk Assessments

  • Topical Issue Reports – such as Conflict Minerals, Local Content and Indigenisation, and Trends in Terrorism

  • Conflict analysis

  • Tailored research and analysis

  • Vetting

  • Intelligence reports, which entail specialist briefings to be indispensable when entering into foreign business deals. By drawing on our extensive African network, we monitor our client’s footprint and relevant issues in their specific business or sector.

  • Country Risk Reviews

Baseline risk levels have been garnered from a variety of publicly available, methodologically rigorous indices. These are the World Bank Governance Indicators, Transparency International’s Corruptions Perception Index, and Doing Business 2012. In order to generate a full range of sub-risk factors it has also been necessary to select a number of other data/knowledge sources. In this respect, the following sources have also been utilised: International Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the United States Department of State, and the CIA. While these sources have been used to determine the baseline for each of the risk factors and sub-factors, changes to risk levels thereafter, on a monthly basis, will be based on the research and knowledge of expert analysts.