Legal E-Discovery
– Rapid ingestion of all data into agnostic platform
– Interrogation of sanctions and watch lists, corporate and media databases, company registries and asset registers
– Guiding legal investigations & differentiate between information and evidence
– Visualised real time link analysis


E-Discovery AML
– Transactional Monitoring
– Reduce burden of KYC, AML, Regulatory and sanction list compliance
– Reduce false positives & identification of false negatives
– Machine learned subject matter expert algorithms which evolve across 100% of your data


Wisdom Insight is an automated platform that discovers emerging technologies that can detect and predict Innovation risk. The platform and human analysis thereof assesses and provides information for managing the strategic business impact, opportunities and risks presented by emerging technologies. We provide innovation insight and technology intelligence support for executives and perform disruption readiness assessments.


Comprehensive social and news media analysis through artificial intelligence and state of the art tools to provide solutions and insight