Disputes and Investigations

We confront your challenges, protect your interests and provide you with solutions that bring long-term value. During investigations, our forensic experts pursue a proven four-pronged strategy:

  • minimising business disruptions, financial loss and reputational damage
  • identifying the perpetrators and uncovering actionable evidence
  • Assets tracing – often in contentious matters we are requested to gather and review documents to trace the assets of an individual or company. We substantiate our findings with targeted research & analysis, discreet source enquiries and site visits. We help identify assets, establish its ownership and also assist in recovery proceedings
  • recommending and/or implementing effective remedial action to prevent future problems.


When your bottom line and reputation are at risk, we can help resolve complex matters posing a threat and disruption to daily operations. Investigations Drawing on our multi-industry and cross-border experience, we can help to conduct incisive fraud investigations and forensic analysis. 


Forensic Investigations


  • solved complex international frauds
  • local knowledge in Africa, Europe, Americas & Asia
  • clients incl. law firms, corporates, private equity firms
  • our network incl.
    • Forensic accountants
    • Forensic technologists
    • Experienced analysts and risk consultants
    • Former prosecutors
    • Former intelligence officials
    • Former senior investigative journalists
    • Security and surveillance experts
    • On-the-ground operatives in most jurisdictions
    • Sources close to security organisations, politicians, bureaucrats and regulatory and compliance agencies