Litigation Intelligence

Lawyers in civil and criminal litigation and arbitrations turn to us for intelligence that makes discovery more effective and builds a compelling case. We undercut the adversary’s expert witnesses and find the person or information that can turn the case. In so doing, we:

  • Conduct asset searches. Our team has been at the forefront of asset searching for more than a quarter-century. We scrutinise global public records to identify and locate assets hidden abroad. Our team has searched for assets connected with receiverships and bankruptcies, Ponzi schemes, frauds and corruption.
  • Provide leverage before filing suit.
  • Strengthen the evidential basis of or defence to a claim.
  • Provide an objective assessment of the opposition’s allegations and strategies.
  • Focus on pre-trial discovery.
  • Uncover new or unexpected sources of information and assess the integrity of the other side’s witnesses.
  • Research the public and non-public record relating to individuals and corporations, including personal and business reputations
  • Use specialist link-analysis software – Wisdom Discovery, a robust enterprise data and information management system. Search, discover, index, analyse and visualise relationships quickly in real-time. It rapidly consolidates and centralises high volumes of electronic and hardcopy data. It ultimately optimises laborious administration and investigative functions into one dynamic platform