Client Sentiment Dashboard

The dashboard above is an example of what the client will be able to view online via a mobile browser with a client login. In addition to online dashboard access, the client can also set thresholds that will trigger email alarms to be send via email if the sentiment falls below or above the client set thresholds.

The following components will make up the daily dashboard accessible online via a mobile browser:

  • Summary of the client’s sentiment on digital media over the last 7 days 
  • Number of conversations or mentions over the last 7 days
  • Timeline of sentiment over the last 7 days
  • Comparative sentiment of today against:
    • Same day last year
    • Same day last month
    • Same day last week
  • KPI indicators to indicate sentiment changes compared to:
    • Same day last year
    • Same day last month
    • Same day last week
  • Topic cloud to indicate the main topic drivers on sentiment for the client


Further in-depth report

Additional information can be requested in the form of an ad hoc analysis report. This report will come at a small additional cost to the dashboard but will supply a further 2-3 pager report with information on:

  • Top 10 Influencers that affected the sentiment towards your company
  • Demographic analysis showing a summary of:
    • Gender breakdown
    • Age analysis of participants or posters
    • Source of information in the form of a chart indicating main sources like Twitter, Facebook etc. and the weighting of each.
  • Geo location analysis indicating where posts are coming from
  • A 2-3 paragraph analyst write-up of the main discussion points to indicate or influence sentiment and how to counter this if required.